Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Grow Grow Grow !!!

Who doesn't want t to have that nice long wind blowing hair (we all have probably been there), and what best way to acomplish that then relaxing my hair.

 You are beautiful inside and out, wether you have kinki, curly or wavey hair and no matter what lenght, You Are Beautiful!

Onto the topic of natural hair.
Having natural hair is allowing your hair to be in it's natural state without adding any chemicals, which can cause your hair to grow weaker, dryer and become damaged if not taken care of correctly. That is one of the main reasons why I went natural.
Natural hair does not mean you cant have nice long stright hair, or a nice afro.
It simply means you are allowing your hair to do it's own thing!
However, taking care of natural hair, is not easy,  it’s hard, stressful and time consumming. The thought of that alone can discourage many people.
I have started the natural hair journey many times! But since mid last year I have taken the bull by the horn and stuck to it (YAY).
When I started my natural journey I didn’t do ''The Big Chop'', no no no,  I decided to take the route of ''Transitioning '' my hair. The difference between both is that  ''The Big Chop''  is cutting all the relaxed and damaged parts of your hair away, whereas ''Transitioning'' you allows your hair to grow out all the relaxed hair, which will leave you with longer your natural hair. Transitioning does take a while, so be patient!
I have been using the Palmer's hair product line, it is so good and super affordable (list below)
Coconut oil shampoo - it replenishes moisture and adds shine
Coconut oil conditioner -it repairs dry and damage hair
Coconut oil Hair Milk -nourishes hair and tames frizz.
Coconut oil Hair Polisher -repairs dry, damage hair and glosses, smoothest, nourishes the hair
Using EDIPURE HAIR AND SCALP ANTI DANDRUFF SHAMPOO and  ARGON OIL as scalp treatment, is really good for dry scalp. As argan oil contains vitamin E and antioxidants, which allows your hair to grow stronger and helps boost hair cell growth. 

Small secrete - I relax my hair once a year, helps my hair to grow.
Little things you could also do:
Drink a lot of water
Get the right brushes to comb (detangle) your hair (Denman D90 Tangle Tamer)
Keep you hair moisturised
Looking after your hair in the moring and at night - damp with warm water mixed with the argan oil and wrapping it with a silk scarf
Putting your hair in a protective style - e.g braids, crotchet braids, cornrow and wearing a wig even weave
Reduce the amount of heat used on your hair - it can lead to damaged ends
  There are so many products, that you can try as what works for me might not work for you.

On that note
Stay Blessed and Live Courageously. Until next time.
''Don’t forget you’re not my hair, you are not this skin but you are a soul that lives within”
India Arie.

2015 hair length

2016 hair length



  1. Your hair is so long ! Black girls can have long hairs too ��:)

  2. I am in awe like that hair is amazing ���� that smile �� and you teaching others is selfless. I adore you for that. I told you I will look at the blog after I get home. �� 😍

  3. Awww i remember you . Thank you😘😘😘


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