Friday, 25 March 2016

The Girl No One Noticed

Once upon a time , there lived a young beautiful lady called Jeka , she was as quiet as a mouse; she was the girl no one noticed.

Due to the fact that she had nothing, she was seen as worthless, she was made to feel like a no body until she found God now she shows up in life like she has everything, she laughs, shes knows her worth as princess are not cheap and most definetly a child of God is not cheap either.

  She now knows that at the end of the day even though shes not perfect ,  shes  a good woman and her heart is pure and loves hard woth everything that she's got and for the reason alone she knows shed worthy it everything no matter what people say she will forever be worth it and she wont settle for less and refuse to be treated anything less than the queen that she is .
 Dont forget "every woman is a queen, and we all have different things to offer "~ Queen Latifah.


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  1. You? The girl that no one noticed? Girl, there's no way you could go unnoticed now. You're gorgeous.


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